With the EMC scanner anyone can make a measurement and draw conclusions

Using the EMC Scanner during the early stages of design enables you to detect potential emission problems before they become integrated into the product and expensive to correct.

Photo of a strip line board 50 ohm termination Image of the immunity scanner option

The strip line calibration feature uses a well defined strip line board and a spectrum analyzer with built in tracking generator to automatically...read more

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Immunity-Scanner software option for all Detectus EMC-Scanners. The patented Immunity software option allows you to measure the...read more


Electronic designers of today are facing high demands for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Meeting these demands becomes increasingly difficult due to ever higher frequencies, smaller and smaller products and shorter design schedules. To help designers meet these challenges Detectus has developed several measuring systems with which designers can perform "pre-compliance" measurements to identify the intensity and the location of a radiation source at a component level. These measurements reduce the risk that the product will fail the final full compliance at the test house.



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